First blog post

First blog post

It’s seems only fitting that my first blog post is Pip Lincolne’s “Taking Stock”. Writing a blog is something I’ve always wanted to do but it’s taken Pip’s eCourse to get me going is this online world.

Making : A wool  and the Gang  crochet vase pattern for a friends housewarming party next week. One of my many current work in progress’


Cooking : Planning on cooking Garlic and Mint risotto for dinner from ‘A Girl Called Jack’ possibly one of may favorite cookbooks.

Drinking : English Breakfast tea, though only half a mug as it’s gone cold while typing this up.

Reading: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott to improve my blog writing

Wanting: a holiday, but sadly will have to wait till the New Year
Looking: forward to seeing my friends at dinner on Sunday Night.
Playing: Sia’s new Album, its amazing.
Deciding: What I would like for Christmas
Wishing: that Cherries were cheaper already
Enjoying: the Saturday Sunshine and the Blog with Pip Course
Waiting: for Gilmore Girls A year in the Life on Netflix, the 25th can’t come fast enough
Liking: that it’s the weekend
Wondering: what to read next (open to ideas)
Loving: watching Archer snore in the sunshine


Pondering: Ethical fashion: watched ‘The True Cost’ last night which explores the live of the makers of mass produced low cost fashion. Well worth watching.

Considering: growing out my hair for the first time in a decade

Watching: Brooklyn 99, Hilarious.

that my plants will grow, first attempt at planting herbs (ignore the pink and purple dog toys)

Needing: a snack
Smelling: cut grass, it’s a sunny Saturday in suburbia so all my neighbor must have decided to mow their lawns. Smell is loving though.
Wearing: The flower earring I brought myself in Spain.
Following: Meet me at Mike’s
Noticing: that my house needs a dust!
Knowing: I’m doing okay
Thinking: way too much about if I’m all organised for Christmas

Feeling: Happy

Admiring: Kikki K’s Christmas Range, its always so beautiful
Sorting: out paperwork, the definition of dull.
Buying: peaches and nectarines, I love summer fruit.
Getting: excited about the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them Movie (edit I’ve since seen it and it is amazing)
Bookmarking: so many crochet websites. I know I will never have the time to do them them all but I live in hope apparently.
Disliking: that Instagram is no longer chronological.
Opening: the current Frankie Magazine, it’s on my desk and I’ve gotten sidetracked.
Giggling: watching Brooklyn 99, and listening to Archer snore!
Feeling: okay
Snacking: on peaches, they were way to expensive but I love them so much
Coveting: several Wool and the Gang kits for Christmas
Wishing: I didn’t have to work tomorrow
Helping: Nanna get organised for Christmas, I was the driver this morning.
Hearing: birds singing, lawn mowers, kids playing (and fighting), dog barking. The standard sounds of suburbia on a Saturday.

I can’t ebelive I’ve finished my first ever blog post, this is great self esteem moment for me! Hooray

Lois xo

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