A December Confession

A December Confession

I’m going to make a confession here that separates me from many people this time of year.

I’m not a fan of Christmas.


Woah. It’s finally out there in print for the world to see. If I could have my way I would sleep from 30 November (though Christmas stuff arrives everywhere earlier every year it seems) till 3 January. My family all love Christmas I’ve been known as the Grinch in my family since I was a kid.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked some parts of Christmas, eating Christmas food, seeing my cousins, uncles and aunts who I love, more food and¬†especially as a child the PRESENTS (that my inner child screaming; presents for me where always more books).

I always felt uneasy though, sick and queasy from about mid November to early January at which point I forgot about it and got on with my life. I never knew why I hated Christmas, until recently (a topic for a later blog post when I can hopefully explain in a somewhat coherent manner)


This year has been different, this year I’m facing my pain and its unbearable hard at times. I know I’m not the only one who struggles this time of year, in fact many people do and this year I’m once again within these ranks. But I’m also trying to reclaim that which was taken from me against my will. This year I’ve a Christmas tree, complete with decorations and lights (not tinsel, though I’m very anti tinsel and always will be) and an Advent Calendar (OK so it’s a Lego advent calendar but it’s awesome and I’m loving it).


I’ve also been making decorations, (poorly the wreath looks okay if you hold it at exactly¬†the right angle and the Christmas tree was a disaster, and was sent to the great crochet heaven for failed projects in the sky) using sparkly yarn from Spotlight.

A more detailed post will follow later

xo Lois


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