Christmas Baking Part 2

Christmas Baking Part 2

Well I finished off my Christmas baking and as it just past 9am Christmas Eve here in Australia I may have left it a bit late.

I made Reindeer Biscuits from the wonderful Tanya Bakes Cookbook, which is one of the best baking book i own. everything is really doable and simple. These look so cute and where really fun to make once I manage to cut out a head shape I like. Next year I will make a stencil though and not freehand them all. Also I didn’t pick out juts red smarties I used a variety of different colors and i think it makes them loo cute. Also I did run out of chocolate pretzels so some of my Reindeer are now females.



I also made shortbread, which I managed to under cook some batches and overcook others, don’t ask me how I’ve no idea. I also slightly burnt the meringues but they still taste amazing. I made strawberry flavored ones.



This was a major learning point. these are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind while assembling the mini houses

  1. No one tells you the patience required to assemble a gingerbread house, let alone mini ones.
  2. Royal icing and the piping bag do not play fair and just won’t do what you wanted, it seems to have a mind of its own – (read no patience at all by this time)
  3. That the finished object will in no way match the perfect image in your head
  4. The finished product will resemble something a child did despite the fact I’m in my late twenties
  5. Icing sugar is your best friend and a light (*massive) dusting colors a multitude of poor decorating mistakes.
  6. Finally who cares what they look like they still state amazing.

Learning’s for next year.

  1. Make one big house
  2. Use lots of lollies to cover errors.
  3. Allow three times the amount of time you think you will need


Finally thoughts, my kitchen ended up covered in icing sugar and baking is a lot easier when you have a dishwasher.


So many dishes!

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