My First DIY Project

My First DIY Project

As mentioned in my resolutions I want to stop being afraid of DIY jobs as my mind always runs to the worst case scenario (like I screw up the paint, somehow impale or electrocute myself).

A while back I split black tea on a side table and it wouldn’t come off which has annoyed me for a while so I covered the side table in random bits and pieces to hide the mess, which annoyed me further as I hate clutter.

Since I want to make progress on my resolutions, which will hopefully aid my recovery I decide that this was a nice place to test the waters so to speak. While on the great plant buying missing on January 2017, I also brought a sample pot of Dulux interior paint, a paintbrush, and a drop sheet.


I decided a bright colour would make me happy to look at so I went with Dulux Australia Riviera Sea, a beautiful bright teal. The table I was paint was from Kmart Australia and doubles as a storage option for my yarn as well, so I had to paint the main table and it’s interior and the lid, both sides. Now I was lucky in that the table I was painting didn’t need sanding (ok so I forgot to sand it, and it ended up not being an issue), and every more importantly the legs unscrewed so I didn’t have to go to great lengths taping and protecting them.

It came up so much better than I thought it would, however I forgot to take a before photo so here are the in-progress and complete photos.



Lois’ Lessons Learnt

  1. Take before photo. I forgot and I wanted to be able to see the change clearly.
  2. Check to see if the object to be painted needs to be prepped in anyway.
  3. Use a drop sheet and have rags ready to wipe up errors. While I had the drop sheet ready to go I forgot to have rags and a cloth handy. This meant the first time I made a mistake I had to running inside to grab a cloth which wasn’t fun.
  4. As I was painting in my garage I was sitting on concrete, which wasn’t fun at all so next time I will buy a large form mat to put under drop sheet for my comfort and sanity, I can’t recommend this enough.
  5. Also I was listing to music via Spotify and please make sure you pick a playlist that won’t annoy you/ make you want to listen to another one as once you are covered in paint (because I’m that talented) you can’t change it.
  6. Nail polish removed removes paint from skin.
  7. I had about half a can of paint left over which is now living my garage for future DIY projects.
  8. I felt very proud of myself and now I smile when I look at the table so it provided me a very nice feeling of accomplishment.

That’s it for now

Love Lois xo


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