First Sewing Experience

First Sewing Experience

I’ve wanted to learn how to sew for a few years but thanks to work and study I never got around to doing it. Last year I acquired a sewing machine and immediately started using it it sat in the cupboard of my spare room for months till I could work up the courage to turn it on; as my anxieties go the better of me and thus I was afraid I would sew my fingers together; this is how my mid works thanks to Neg.

After letting Jane (yes I’ve now named my machine) sit there idling awaiting use, I decided (in a rare moment of sudden action) I should really teach myself how to use it. After considerable research and inquiring about local teaching (very expensive and not always possible as I work shifts) I went with the online route. I’m a long time fan of Tilly and the Button and I decided to purchase the “Make friends with a sewing machine” online class. Which has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

As someone who had a considerable amount of anxiety in starting my sewing journey having Tilly there to go through each module gradually was fantastic. My questions, which I had written out before had cos I’m a nerd, where all answered as I worked through the lessons. Being able to stop and pause videos when I got stuck, especially as it took me an hour to thread my sewing machine for the first time, was a lifesaver. The downloads are great; I’ve laminated the troubleshooting checklist and it sits above my sewing machine and I’m constantly referring to it.

Threading ‘Jane’

This course has increased my confidence significantly, and not just with sewing. I’ve made great friends with Jane (as noticed by the fact I’ve named my sewing machine) and I’ve started to move on to sewing projects, albeit basic ones which I shall discuss in a later blog post.

If you are unsure how to start your own sewing journey I can’t recommend this course enough, and being able to do it online meant I could move at my own pace  not get all self conscious and anxious as I do when learning in the ‘real world’




PS: I’m not in anyway getting paid for talking about this online course, I just think it’s great.

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