First Sewing Project

First Sewing Project


As mentioned in my last post I’m slowing making friends with my sewing machine, Jane. After spending some time practicing stitches, I decided it was time to take the plunge and make my first project.


For this I decided to get some cute spotty material from Spotlight and make the Jumbo pin cushion from the Busy Girls Guide to Sewing Book. Now while this project was only meant to take around 30 minutes it took me 90 minutes due to several errors.


After threading Jane (which I can now do in 8 minutes go me!!) I started cutting out the material and pinning it together. Note this is also when I discovered the need for thimbles, which should have been obvious but took me a few pin pricks to work out.

Feeling very crafty and creative I pinned out my fabric and started to sewing it. Jane kept snarling and stopping though and I couldn’t figure out why, sadly it took me 30 minutes and a cup of tea to realise I hadn’t lowered the presser foot from when I threaded the machine. So after a massive face palm I move on; Jane worked perfectly after I lowered the presser foot.  And how I wish this was the only embarrassing error I made folks but alas it wasn’t.

Can you spot the error here in this photo. Go one I will give you some time.








If you said ‘You dolt Lois you pinned the fabrics together right side up and started sewing” you would be correct. Annoyingly I had done 3 of the 4 side before I realised this. After deep breathing and calming realising this is what happens and is a learning opportunity. I was so annoyed when I discover this I sewing the fourth shut as well in complete rage, left it in the machine and took the dog for a walk till I had calmed down.


After a calming walk and a large cup of tea I sat down to start again. Thus I had to recut and re-pin the fabric, this time with the right side facing inwards. While the book called for a 20com square I did 22cm square mainly because I could and I live on the edge like that. After doing this I then sewed 3 of the 4 sides, turned it inside out so the spotty fabric could shine though again. Then came the fun part of wadding, which I found to be a great stress reliever. After doing this I then pined the final side closed and had to sew it up. This was very fiddly, time consuming and awkward and is why mine finished product isn’t straight. I also sewed this side twice, one with a plain stitch and once with a decorative stitch again because I wanted to.


I do love my finished product and it now takes pride of place on my little sewing trolley.


Lessons Learnt

  3. DO NOT sew when angry or annoyed it self, it only makes things worse
  4. This was an ideal practise project and I can see myself making many of them till I get one that is straight
  5. A seam ripper is your best friend
  6. Keep mistakes as you will learn from them, and it will make you smile to see how far you have come as you develop sewing skills
  7. Have tea and biscuits close at hand
I’ve run out of Chocolate Digestives so that is it from me today





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