Moving (or why did I did this to myself again?)

Moving (or why did I did this to myself again?)

I’ve been absent here of late.

This is due to the fact I decided to take up a new role which involved a house move.

Now as someone whose ability to handle change, due to ongoing mental health issues, isn’t great I decided to just jump into the deep end. My new job (which I’m loving) also involved a move 2hrs down the road to Warrnambool. And as is moving jobs and home wasn’t enough as you will have noticed if you follow me on Instagram I’m currently on holiday in London.

As a result of all this chaos I’ve been absent from this blog as I’ve had to pack move and then unpack only to repack again for an overseas holiday.

Now the worst of the move is over I’m going to get back to posting weekly. Meanwhile this sums up my life at thr moment.

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