Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

I’m currently on holiday exploring London Town and last week (I got sidetracked in posting this sorry all) I went to the brilliant V & A museum.

I wanted to go to view the fashion collection but also to see the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition that is currently on.

If you live in England, have an instructor in fashion or sewing you should make the time to go and see this because it’s brilliant.

Here is the description of the exhibition from the V & A website This exhibition examines the work and legacy of influential Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga, with over 100 pieces crafted by ‘the master’ of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition. Tickets cost £12.00, and I would recommend booking in advance because it gets very busy.

Now as a modest sewist I found the exhibition fascinating as now I have a very basic understanding of clothes construction it was incredible to get an insite in Haute Couture. Now that I’m aware of how long it takes to make something by hand the detail in these dress is on another level.

The most fascinating thing to me was the videos a detailing pattern design, cutting and assembly. Balenciaga really was a master of shaping clothes. There are even a few toiles he made with details on them. I’ve included a shot of one of these videos here. (Update for some reason the video won’t upload but I’ve uploaded it to my Instagram feed)

This exhibition is amazing and has given me a real depth into clothes and garment construction that I previously didn’t have. This is definitely worth seeing.


PS. I’m in no way being sponsored for this I just think it’s amazing

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