MSO and Harry Potter and thoughts on being yourself

MSO and Harry Potter and thoughts on being yourself

For the longest time I was ashamed of who I was. High school wasn’t fun for me. Don’t get me wrong I had an amazing group of friends, who even 11 years after High School finished are still some of my closest friends. I just felt out of place. I was smart but had curly hair that frizzed and glasses. I was awkward and unsure and just painfully shy. I used to count to 8 before I have an answer to a teacher question as I didn’t want to seem overly enthusiastic, or an “insufferable know-it-all”

The thing was I was then the text book definition of a nerd, to be honest I still am. I loved reading, I would go to the library before and after school and sometimes during lunch to lose myself in stories. I read anything I could get my hands on but I loved going to Pemberley, Middle Earth, Narina, and Hogwarts the most.

My friends shared my love of books so when one of my best friends H, found out that the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra where doing a Harry Potter concert series we promotly brought tickets. 13 months in advance. For both nights (Philosopher’s Stone & Chamber of Secrets).

For those unaware this concert series was watching the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter movies on a movie sized screen while the orchestra played John Williams famous score live.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but like all good fan girls I reread the books and re watched the movies. I payed particular attention to the music and I hadn’t noticed this before but there is a lot of it.

Anyway fast forward as it was soon Thursday 16 November, for the first concert. I was wearing my Marauder’s Map scarf and HP earings.

Walking into the Plenary and seeing the house banners displayed H and I actually squealed. H is a Hufflepuff and I’m a proud Ravenclaw.

It’s was incredible to see some many age groups and people in various HP costumes.

The performance both nights was amazing. But for me the highlight was listening to people cheer the hero’s (Snape was very popular) and booing the villain’s (especially loud for Scabbers which I loved cos it showed the knowledge of the universe).

This was an amazing night and if you ever get a chance to do this go.

For me a highlight was enjoying the night and being comfortable with myself. The person I am now nerd and all. See photos below.

Lois, Ravenclaw and Proud

PS. I’m still really angry Peeves never made it into any of the movies.

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