Welcome to My Quirky Corner (of the internet anyway).

I’m Lois, Empress, Queen and Dominant Overlord of this little dominion.

I’m a book nerd, tea drinker, sweet tooth, anxiety sufferer, dog lover, history buff, opinionated, trauma survivor, geeky girl who has decided to embrace all her quirks (mainly because running from them has become way too much effort, so I’m decided to do this radical thing where I’m myself)

Based in Victoria Australia, this blog is about both my cooking and crafting success’ (and let’s be honest, failures) as well as my random musing on whatever I want. My dog will also appear from time to time.

In being myself full disclosure: I’m also dealing with and recovery from Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. This blog will also chart my efforts at dealing with my health issues and my determination to be awesome, creative and crafty.

Please enjoy with tea and cake (or wine, no judgement here)