2017 Make Nine

2017 Make Nine

I’ve been looking for a way to inspire (and keep myself on track) when it comes to sewing my own clothes. After spending some time in the black hole that is #sewing on Instagram I’ve came across the hashtag #2017MakeNine. After a moment hesitation I’ve decided to take this challenge on, even though it’s the near the end of March.

The #2017MakeNine was thought up by Rochelle of Lucy Lucielle, in 20016 and is now in it’s second year. It was inspired by “Best Nine” seen on Instagram at the end of every year. What gets me excited about this challenge is that its flexible (and forgivable; I’m my own worst critic) and I’ve also got time to work towards it. It also gives me some goals to work towards; and a concrete starting point as to how I build my sewing skills.

Now as a complete novice my sewing goals will change throughout the year and some of these are highly aspirational I’m sure, But you have to start somewhere so without further waffling on here are my #2017MakeNine


  1. Margot Pyjama Bottoms, Tilly and the Buttons

PJ’s are usually considered an ideal first sewing project and thus this is my starting point. Ideally I would like to make a lighter pair for the current warm autumn here. I also want to make a lovely snugly pair in a flannel as well for winter. I figure this will also give me time to practice sewing garments and when my stitching is wonky it’s all good as I don’t make a habit of walking around in public in my PJs.


  1. Dominique skirt, Tilly and the Buttons

Yes I know it’s another TATB pattern, but as I brought both the Make Friends with a Sewing Machine and Intro to Sewing Skirts workshops at the same time. I plan on making the straight skirt version in a light denim initially but I would really love more drapier flowing Dominque in a beautiful bright red so that’s the goal to work towards with this pattern, and workshop.



  1. Sorbetto Top and Ginger Skirt, Collette Patterns

I was inspired to make a Sorbetto top after reading “How to Build Sewing Skills if you are an Absolute beginner” on the Collette blog. As mentioned previously I’ve wanted to learn to sew for a long time. Every time I tried up till late last year, however, I would walk into Spotlight, get overwhelmed by the fabric options (how can there be some many types of cotton?) and confused by the commercially made patterns that I’d give up and go and buy some yarn to crochet with instead. I found this article after some google searching and wonderful advice helped me a lot in deciding how I would start my sewing journey*. I really want to make a few Sorbetto tops (a free pattern which I’ve already downloaded) in bright jewel tones, like the photo below. I fell in love with the Ginger skirt and brought that pattern in the black Friday sales. I work in an office day-to-day and this beautiful skirt would fit into my work uniform nicely. I will make a black one first but it does looks so beautiful in pastel colours.

  1. Ennis Tee  Papercut Patterns

I love a nice colour block top and the Ennis Tee by Papercut Patterns fits the bill perfectly. This pattern is rated as rookie but uses Knits and full disclosure I’m not entirely confident as to what these are or how to sew with them but as so many tops and pattern seem to use Knits I figure a simple top was a good place to start. An advantage of being late to the indie sewing revolution is that I’ve read much about make practical clothes, to not just focus on “party dresses” and I know I will wear this top to death.



  1. Frankie Panties, Evie la Luve

After reading this wonderful review by Ying on Tailor Made Blog, and then looking up the pattern on Etsy (another sewing black hole) I really want to make these this year because they are so beautiful, have some many different options and look to be that wonderful balance of practical and sexy. In her review Ying started that a beginner would have no issues with this pattern so I’m hopeful to have them completed by June, though I do need to buy the pattern first, and it does come as a kit as well which I can see buying.


  1. Rose Cardigan, Wool and the Gang

I’ve been crocheting for almost 2 years now but aside from a beanie for myself I haven’t made any actual clothing so thus I really want to make this pattern, which I brought in the black Friday sales months ago. This is a beautiful but simple cardigan made just using one stitch in a beautiful cotton so it will be great for early autumn and late spring here in Australia. I’m going to start this tonight (gives self stern talking to, puts project kit on couch)



  1. Got Back Sweater, Wool and the Gang

Who doesn’t love a beautiful unusual jumper? I fell in love with both the pattern and the yarn. I love yarn produced by Wool and the Gang as its all sustainable, comes in wonderful colours and in this case is just so so soft. This pattern however uses a variety of stitches and I’m not yet at this skill level but I’m working towards this as I really want to make myself this jumper.


  1. Alex Shirt and Dress, Sew Over It

I fell in love with this Shirtdress pattern after watching this Vlog. As the pattern isn’t available individual I will have to buy the My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook to get this pattern but all the patterns in the book are amazing (The Molly dress is another pattern I want to make) I really love shirt dresses I found them very flattering, and (another) goal is to be able to make a version of Alex dress in a silk at some point. Also this gives me a (slim) chance to join in on the #SewTogetherForSummer which is another Instagram sewing challenge. This runs from now till until 21st June 2017, though that is the middle of winter for me. As such so I’m hoping to have it done in time for June, though most likely it will be ready before December 2017 which is the start of the summer in Australia. The details for this challenge are here


  1. Betty Dress, Sew Over It

Last but not least is the Betty Dress and this is very aspirational make. I’m a massive fan of the 1950s fashion, and Mad Men so this was a no brainer for me. This dress has a devoted following and the maker galleries are amazing. I’ve already purchased the pattern and its sits on my book as inspiration to improve my sewing skills. The Betty Dress is a massive goal of mine to be able to sew at one point, I’ve no idea what material or pattern to make this in but I’m leaning towards something with spots, like the photos below

What sewing challenges are you going to be involved in this year? For a detailed list I found this post on The Fold Line, an amazing online resource, Sewing Challenges and Hashtags to Follow


Lois xo

Words of Wisdom from Sew Over It




PS: all images of clothing from Pinterest as haven’t made any clothes yet.

  • Admittedly it took another couple of months before I stopped being afraid of my sewing machine but you can read about that here.


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